Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sony MDR-EX90SL High Perfermance Stereo Earphone Headset Headphone

Sony MDR-EX90SL High Perfermance Stereo Earphone Headset Headphone

EX90 is the EX series as the most high-end products;The best

A hybrid metal, plastic, and silicone rubber earphone design that delivers better clarity than Sonys lower-priced MDR-EX series offerings, complete with a small leather case and plastic cord management insert. Design fits in both outer ear and ear canal, using silicone inserts to seal ear against outside noise.

Large earpieces provide less of a seal, and thereby less isolation, than both same-priced competitors and companys earlier designs. Flatter sound and less detail than peer in-canal earphones; impressive mostly by comparison with same companys cheaper offerings.

Cek Real Foto: (What you see here is what you get when you order)

Type: Closed, Dynamic
Driver Unit: 13.5mm; dome-shaped
Power Handling Capacity: 200mW (IEC)
Impedance: 16(1kHz)
Sensitivity: 106dB/mW
Frequency Response: 5-25,000Hz
Cord: OFC, 0.5m
Plug: L shaped stereo mini plug (Gold)

HARGA 125.000


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